Radio Puja Corp., a USA corporation is a NON PROFIT ENTERPRISE that owns several online properties (see and invites businesses to take advantage of the reach of Radio Puja by advertising in its live radio streaming, 24 hours a day all over the world.

Radio Puja plays devotional Bhajans, spiritual Discourses, Bollywood Top Hits and soothing Indian classical music. Radio Puja is now live on your mobile phones, cars, vehicles, Amazon Alexa and laptops. Radio Puja is growing fast with thousands of listeners enjoying songs, getting enlightened and staying connected with God. Radio Puja helps people unite and GROW EASY INCOME.

Advertising is FREE for businesses that are willing to advertise Radio Puja to their customers so that it is of mutual benefit. Please email to us at Join@RadioPuja.Com to set up your ad. for this benefit.

Advertising on Radio Puja costs only US$1 or India Rs.75 per one-minute spot.

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Get Started Package: 100 spots in a month for US$100 or Rs 7500.

Premium Package: Sign up for 3 months at US$100/month or Rs 7500/month to get 500 one minute spots in Radio Puja for 3 months.

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Free Classified Ads (

For 10 FREE AD SPOTS, please provide about 7 lines script or audio recording of your advertisement. Please send on Whatsapp to Radio Puja at USA Mobile No. 18622167773 or Email to Join@RadioPuja.Com. The free Spots will be added to your Package. To proceed, please select the Package.